A stint on AIR’s Sports Scan

It was a pleasure and privilege, being part of All India Radio’s Sports Scan on Tuesday, October 11, 2011. There were a lot of sporting events that came up for discussion.

The National Boxing Championship for Women in Bhopal came up first since MC Mary Kom’s clash with defending champion Sarita Devi in the 51kg class will hold enormous interest, given that the five-time world champion in the 46kg class, is eyeing a berth in the Indian team for the Olympic Games in London next year.

The show’s host, Mukesh Kumar, and I then discussed India’s showing in the Asian Age-Group Swimming Championship. I made a pitch for the Indians to train overseas rather than restrict themselves to camps in India with Indian coaches.

Sports Scan – Oct 11 2011

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  1. Samir Sar
    November 8, 2011 at 4:47 pm


    With all respect to the experience and maturity of our radio commentators of cricket match, I want to make a point for there improvements, in the description of the cricket match commentary.
    I have observed that the radio commentators state the ankho dekha hall with the influence of character of a “Expert commentator”…
    I want to say, they have to perform the describer’s role rather than a comment maker’s role as a journalist… Can any body pass on this Pc of information of mine, to them to perform, there duty in the commentators box at the stadium while watching the live game, which has been assigned & are being paid for… if they don’t know how to describe a live match, please ask them to look for recordings of old match commentaries of 70’s, 80’s & 90’s…
    Few of the points due to which I am forced to write the mail:
    1. They do not describe the field placement positions regularly during to balling. May be because they are influenced by watching the game, more in television, for avoiding this.

    2. Very often I have observed the commentator while describing a shot by a batsman, forget to tell the location of the exit of a ball, to the boundary in the field of cricket ground.

    3. Thirdly very often they also lose interest in telling about the type & form of baller throwing a ball to be played by a batsman regularly on each occasion, as used to be description of ankho dekha hall used to be described earlier, when we used to listen to the commentary in the small size transistors in our hand close to our ear. Now it has hot improved by the FM radio in mobile phones, but the quality of commentary has deteriorated to an extent all commentators have become “Expert commentator” rather than describing a cricket match for radio listeners.

    At present, Resident from Gurgaon, earlier used to be at Shakti Nagar, Delhi

    Bye for now & Take Care…


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