Will Viru compromise yet again with DDCA’s state?

Virender Sehwag and Gautam Gambhir will meet the Delhi and District Cricket Association President Arun Jaitley on Tuesday to try and resolve their grievances against the DDCA sports committee’s growing influence on selection matters

There are some points I would like to make.This is not the first time Sehwag has threatened to leave Delhi and each time he has had a conversation with DDCA President Arun Jaitley, he has taken a step back in compromise. This time he appears a bit more determined to make a point. I am hoping that he does not back off from the chance to cleanse DDCA of muck that drags it down.

Sehwag is not talking about the selection of the key players in the squad. He is clearly talking about the horse-trading that goes on for the 13th to 15th places in the squad. And in some cases for the 13th to the 20th places in a touring party.

DDCA Sports Secretary Sunil Dev admits that this is true, having seen a number of boys wearing the Delhi team uniform slink away when he entered a ground in Visakhapatnam where an age-group tournament.

The incident has also thrown up how a number of former cricketers have joined the chorus. Not a few of them have all held positions in various committees, including any of the selection panels, and in the team management. And nearly all of them have had their sons play age-group cricket in and for Delhi. It reinforces my belief that there are few, if any, saints in the world of cricket.

I was quite amused to see the Government-nominated Directors also join the me-too race and hold a press conference. One of these, Vibhakar Shastri even threatened to have DDCA taken over if it did not set the house in order. To my mind, he does not even understand what Sehwag’s been talking about.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India needs to encourage its affiliates to adopt a model constitution. Only cricket clubs and not individuals must be members of these units. Even then there is no guarantee that persons of mettle will man critical posts that ensure the development of cricket in the right lines everywhere.