DDCA glosses over key issue raised by Sehwag

Clouds hover

The clouds of doubt over DDCA and the selection system have not cleared at all.

Has Delhi skipper Virender Sehwag had his way with the Delhi and District Cricket Association after raising the banner of revolt against the growing influence of its Sports committee in matters of selecting various teams that represent the state? Or has he been sold a dummy by the mandarins?

Most dailies have interpreted the announcements made by DDCA President Arun Jaitley at a briefing on Tuesday as a victory for Sehwag. Only one newspaper has seen this as a climbdown by Sehwag. I am inclined to believe that Sehwag has backed off from waging a full-scale battle against the machinations he complained about in the first place.

Sehwag’s biggest grouse was against the influence of the sports committee on the selection process – and that has not been addressed. By all accounts, the sports committee will continue to nominate the selectors as it has done in the past decade and a half. There was no mention of how the growing influence of this panel was proposed to be curbed.

In the wake of the storm raised by Sehwag & Co, DDCA had a chance to revamp, if not scrap, the sports committee but that panel has been left untouched. Had the DDCA President announced that the task of choosing selectors would be taken over by the Executive Committee, he would have been seen as addressing the issue.

Instead, Jaitley swung around to appear to favour the sports committee. “The best way to run the system is to not confront your own bodies. You have to reconcile with your bodies, you can make suggestions, and I have not found them in defiance of the executive committee. I don’t think they will be,” he said.

To my mind, this was the operative part of the media briefing.

Back in 1994, the DDCA Executive Committee, in its wisdom, decided to abrogate its powers to nominate the sports committee and advocate an election process. This panel was also invested with the responsibility of nominating the selectors at all levels – opening a veritable Pandora’s Box.

Unlike in the fable, it appears as if they left Hope trapped inside the box.