For Mothers and their amazing courage

Mothers have a unique gift of letting go their daughters – to either pursue higher studies or take up employment or set up homes with their husbands. I had the privilege of meeting one this morning and I must doff my cap to the wonderful lady’s courage. She came from the mountains to bid her daughter farewell – she was leaving in pursuit of her own dreams – and then drive back with some of her belongings. I wonder where mothers get the strength to do such amazing things. This one is for the Pandeys.


Asleep on the flight
Or immersed in a book
You would never know
What she felt after you left
Grief in her heart
Pride in her tearless eyes

She spoke of the times
you would invent reasons
and avoid meeting friends
I talked about you touching our lives
and becoming family
in just a few days.

She spoke of Baba’s love
for tales from the wild west
and how he would now be pleased
I talked about your missing him
over the past few weeks
more than ever before.

She spoke of your focus
dedication, determination
and, the adamant streak, too
I talked about your hurried typos
that would take away so much
from your prose and poetry.

She wanted to say more
but we let the conversation drift
and finally embraced silence
I left not so much to work
but to be with my own thoughts
admiring her for letting you chase your dreams.

If we could miss you already
how much would she yearn.
I can see her strain her ears
to hear your voice amid the silence
I can see her look longingly
at tomes that won’t be leafed

I can perceive her stealing glances
at the cellphone that won’t buzz
with the predictable question:
“Why can’t you get it done now, Ma?”
I can see her wishing you had left
after a couple of months at home

And if and when you return
You would have grown
Not just in the years
but also between the ears.
I write these lines to capture a moment
that will remain etched in my mind.