The ragpicker

The ragpicker
Last night in the school under the dim streetlight
The good lady spoke of things dark and bright
She has always been a wonderful spirit
Teaching us the alphabet and the digit.

She never let us ponder or think
Of how much worse it could all have been
I don’t have the time to let such thoughts sink
For, my daily humdrum is not all that I have seen.

It is so easy to lend wings to a dream
But it is about putting the best foot forward
And taking life one step at a time
Through filth or a garden but not seeking a reward.

The miss taught me if keep my feet on ground
Today and all the tomorrows will only be sound.
To my teacher, all of 75 years old,
I shall remain forever grateful and bound.

From the corner of my eye, I can see the camera
That freezes this moment for the world
And makes people imagine a chimera
But me, I get on with life, aware and bold.